Monday, January 14, 2013

Relaxation Drinks - What are they, where are they going and info on one specifically - KOPPLA

It is not Rocket Science that stress contributes to weight gain, risk of such debilitating diseases as heart disease and disabling events like stroke.  The economy and the information age have many of us very stressed out - working harder, faster, and often for less pay.  Experts suggest many different methods of stress management - more sleep, regular exercise, massages, yoga, spiritual growth and development, etc.  There will be many postings in the future on stress and stress management and its overall place in a person's wellness plan but today's posting is specifically about one method that is available - something called Relaxation Drinks.

What are Relaxation Drinks?  Defined on Wikipedia as "a non-alcoholic beverage containing calming ingredients which may be found in nature," the concept of relaxation drinks first emerged in Japan in 2005.  While melatonin is found in many, it is not found in all relaxation drinks.  The drinks emerged in the United States in about 2006.  While currently far behind the "Energy Drink" market,  there is enormous potential for these products and growth opportunity given the challenges facing all of us as we try to keep up with the fast pace required in today's culture. 

A Reuters' article in 2011 cited that 22.4 million cases (or 36 million gallons) of relaxation drinks were sold in 2010 (double the amount sold in 2008) and that by 2014, sales are expected to exceed 79 million gallons. IBISWorld reported in late 2011 390 different types of relaxation drinks on the market that year (an increase from the 350 on the market in 2010).

The one that I favor is called KOPPLA and is available on the website  Known as an adaptogenic formula - Koppla's products differ from others because the developers have a true scientifically rooted understanding of how individual phytochemicals interact with other phytochemicals and how those combinations then manifest into therapeutic benefits for the human body.  Koppla's products are really "remedies" versus "supplements" .  Their formula, when the body is under stress, helps to restore a balanced, sustained flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body - helping to regulate a more functional state of physical calm and mental focus.  Koppla comes in powder that can be mixed with hot or cold water.  It also comes in a shot.  The shots are extra strength and users have reported feeling benefits of stress relief and focused energy management in as little as 5-10 minutes.  Koppla offers trial versions of it product for free, directly from The science behind the formula can be found at  

Feel stress coming on, try Koppla's product - it works.  Songwriter, vocalist and musician Carly Simon says "Koppla is the first beverage I have ever found that does two things - tastes great and visibly reduces tension."  Actor Henry Winkler (Fonzie of "Happy Days" fame) and his wife Stacey are dedicated users of Koppla  and use it at least once a day. 

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